Mining & Minerals

Manganese ore miners should increase production in tune with steel production. Intensive exploration and drilling, mechanised mining, use of ore beneficiation and agglomeration, energy conservation, environmental control, safety, and better infrastructure are all necessary.
India is one of the leading countries in the world that produce ferromanganese. As steel demand will grow in medium to long term, production of ferromanganese should increase in tune. To meet this demand, there should be increased availability of ore. Intensive exploration is required to find new reserves of high grade low phosphorus manganese ore. The mines
should be more mechanised to enhance production. Ore fines should be used through beneficiation, sintering, and pelletization.

The industry has high power tariff. There is heavy competition in international market from countries like South Africa, Norway, Brazil, Australia, and France where power tariff is low.

The producers should focus on energy efficiency and captive power generation. Manganese Ore (India) Ltd.(MOIL) has increased captive power through wind turbine generator under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) scheme.