Tinplate producers need to improve both quality and cost to become globally competitive.
The industry is faceing intense competition from global majors due to reduction of import duty. There is also continuous threat from producers of substitute material, e.g., tetra packs, polyethylene etc.

Major domestic tinplate producers have cold mill and tinning facilities. Unlike global players, they do not have integrated facility to start with hot rolled coil. This makes situation
even more competitive. Moreover, cheap import of low grade material from the CIS countries, and rising cost of tin which needs to be imported completely, are some of the challenges before the industry.

The industry needs to be quality conscious and cost competitive in order to survive the global competition. This will call for operational improvement and quality enhancement. The
former can be achieved through 'TOP' which is a three-pronged strategy of improving throughput, reducing cost, and improving quality. The latter can be achieved through Statistical Process Control (SPC). To improve on losses due to safety & environment, and on overall equipment availability the companies should adopt Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).