Bearing manufacturers should spend more on research and development to enhance life of bearing. This will improve quality and increase competitiveness.
The bearing industry has structural deficiency. It is fragmented with no economy of scale. The industry is heavily dependent on foreign technology. Almost all the major producers have foreign collaboration. But, this imported technology is restricted to small and standard bearing, and not for special bearing. This is due to the fact that low volume market segment cannot induct high end technology with automation due to high cost of imported
equipment. Thus, it is not economically viable. The industry also has problems of cost competitiveness due to higher import duties on raw material (steel tube and bar).

The research and development is conspicuously absent in this industry. Investment is necessary on R&D to develop better technology for enhanced bearing life. Fully enhanced bearing can increase bearing life, but are expensive. Due to this,
some manufacturers are focusing their R&D activities on selectively enhanced bearing. It is cost effective and can fill the gap between standard bearing and fully enhanced bearing.