Mining & Minerals

Cement industry spends only about 4% of their turnover on cost of limestone. Limestone quarries are indicted to poor mining practices, causing major environmental problems. Use of newly developed Surface Miner will help reduce pollution significantly compared to traditional open cast mining.
In India, nearly all limestone quarries are captive mines of cement plants. These mines cause huge environmental concerns due to dust and water pollution, including ground water depletion.

A recent study under Green Rating Programme (GRP) has pointed out that in many of these mines around the
country, there is breach of ground water table, and acute water scarcity in the nearby region. At places mines are located close to wildlife and forest reserves, causing grave concerns.

This major environmental crisis is due to poor mining practices. Traditionally, limestone is mined using open cast mining
method. Now, in some places newly developed Surface Miner is used. This performs dust suppression at source. High degree of mechanisation and equipment capacity to handle high volumes are required to lower run-of-mine limestones.